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week 3 – one room challenge pantry – how to Organize and thrift

So i will be showing all my vintage finds this week and labelling and other purchases. Follow me @littlepaisly on instagram to see more updates on the project.

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Labels and JARS

I have labels from amazon and i need to write on the jars. we might have to stop in at IKEA to get more jars. More on the organizing front.

I think show my existing thrift finds and my thrift finds this week.

Thrift finds

We will have a look at the things I already have thrifted or recently did. I have a cake stand i really wanted. I have a couple of copper jars and this gorgeous bowl pink inside and blue outside. It is featured in a few dining rooms videos already.

Thrift Run

Most of this i will cover in my instagram account. Be sure to follow me @littlepaisly

I have been on the lookout for knobs, pickle jars. Below is from Jaipur treasure on etsy.

I have been eyeing a copper pot. It feels like my life isn’t complete without it. (I am kidding).Mercari has the copper tea pot i want. Can’t pull the image. the website doesn’t let me. Below is one from getty images. They did not help by proving with 50 odd options.

More copper dishes like so and possibly art appropriate for a pantry. I have a kitchen scene but its on the smaller side.

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