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week 7 – littlepaisly – one room challenge – door and other things

Updating the door this week


Door Moodboard

I first saw and really registered the impact of a painted door in italy
We visited a beautiful hom e in the Amalfi region
The doors had this blue design that is very appealing in the climate
I also want to incorporate jaipur’s d design at the top and we are at a standstill.

Door Inspo


This is my favorite image and what started me on actually updating the door.
It feels very last minute and its definitey making me anxious
other inspo images below.


I have decision paralysi on the pattern because i saw these other images which I also want to incorporate.
I am going to doing it on paper and make a template and possibly use paint pens. I also want to incoporate a little gold on the door.
My mid progress updates are on instagram. look for littlepaisly

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