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15 ways to reuse things around the house

Photo by Jack Church on Unsplash

  • 1. Reuse bags for grocery shopping. Its good for the environment and they give a few cents off in few grocery stores.
  • 2. Next, go for paperless mail instead of paper mail in your mailbox.
  • 3. Buy packaged glass bottles once, make a set of it and then stop buying bottles as much as possible. Buy recyclable cartons or materials of similar kind and the reuse the existing bottles. Thus, saving the planet.
  • 4. Furthermore, use glass bottles for storing nuts or grains.
  • 5. Know that thrift or resale shopping is good for everyone, not just for those who can’t afford more expensive clothes. It is the new cool.
  • 6. Mend the clothes you love with patches or anything that looks intentional like embroidery.
  • 7. Save the cups at Starbucks by getting your own cup.
  • 8. There are plenty of craft ideas for products like toilet paper rolls. Use the pringles box to keep wires.
  • 9. Use old scarves as ties for drapes or bows for the holidays.
  • 10. In addition, repurpose or upcycle old furniture, paint wood or, re-cover the cushions or use them in a different way than used before.
  • 11. Compost the peels of fruits and veggies, coffee and tea grounds.
  • 12. Use tin cans to grow wall plants outside or to store pencils or paint brushes.
  • 13. Use architectural salvage places to find wood products or mirrors etc to use instead of buying new containers for organizing.
  • 14. Doing DIY projects like reusing candles or bowls helps with giving them a new life.
  • 15. Finally, we can buy less so that we dont have to read this list to reuse. 🙂

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