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week 2 one room challenge -painting and declutter

So i found more of the inspo i originally wanted to post. Follow me @littlepaisly on instagram to see more updates on the project.




the light – i thirfted the shade recently and want to diy the cable. I have looked at different t sites where the cable is sold ans I have found one. I will get into the light diy next week.
I want a bit of a liver rustic vibe
The fabric is also thrifted which also influenced by color palette.
So much of this challenge is going to be visual.
Declutter ing has started.

Best Inspo


This is my favorite image and what started me on changing my pantry. I love these images for their lived in and loved feel. It feels like a rambunctious huge family lives here and thrives.
Image is by newtonandworthy on instagram


Painting started slow due to all the decluttering I had to do.
I had to tape off all the area and mix the behr paint well.
Once I had the small area done which took forever.
I looked for more inspo images and wanted a nap.
I did finish the first coat and had time to think about my life choices while i waited.

Inspo image and similar


Other images I have been inspired by.
green pantry by
bottom right is from

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